You live in Pinellas mold removal has been on your mind of late. First off you became aware that you were not feeling well, and your symptoms seemed to get worse when you were hanging out at home, and that whenever you were out of the house you started to feel better. So you started looking for something in and around the house that might be causing the problem.

The mold you found wasn’t exactly what you were expecting, because it wasn’t black, but after you did a little research, you found out that it didn’t need to have a certain color to cause problems.

For Mold Removal In Pinellas, Call Mold Zero at (727) 900-7202 Today

Finding a company that has a process that is natural and friendly to your pets and yourself, which doesn’t just replace the toxicity of mold with the toxicity of some kind of chemical solution, makes a lot of sense. Mold Zero is the obvious choice.

We use a patented dry fog technology that penetrates all those hard to reach places in your house where mold might have settled in, and we get rid of your unwelcome house guest. Once we have handled the existing mold problem and any mycotoxins and bacteria that came along with it, we make sure that you aren’t going to have mold paying you another unwelcome visit. This is made possible by the secondary part of the process that puts in a screen to keep the spores and the conditions that allow them to get a foothold from occurring again.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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