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It’s that time of the year. Flu season. So you got your shot, you’ve taken your vitamins, you take precautions and yet–you’re still sick.

When physicians fail to check inflammatory markers, often mold allergies and mold related sickness can go misdiagnosed and untreated, often leading to more severe complications.

What is mold sickness?

To begin with the basic principles, mold illness is not an allergy. In fact, it is an inflammation in the body caused by the immune system going haywire. The term “mold illness” is actually an umbrella term for what medical professionals call Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

When dealing with this illness, most patients aren’t aware of the dangers of mold and often confuse it with more general forms of illnesses. Mold illness actually stems from genetic markers in the body, so  many don’t know that the inflammation making them sick comes from within.

Genetics at Fault

When a foreign pathogen, such as mold spores, is introduced to the body, the immune system will immediately begin to produce antigens to rid the body of this agent. For most individuals, when the antigens destroy the mold spores, the body will remember this and prevent the person from experiencing any further sickness from the mold in question.

But in people with genetic dispositions for mold sickness, their body does not initiate this process of remembering and fighting off the mold. So if you have this genetic markup and live in a place with mold, you are constantly reintroducing yourself to this same mold illness, which can has dramatic effects on your body and quality of life.

The only way to know if mold is responsible for your illness is to have these genetic markers tested for in the blood. But another alternative that we offer to help get rid of your mold anxieties at the source is our disinfection services that don’t just target mold, but viruses and bacteria as well.

Instead of worrying whether your house is making you sick, contact us to schedule a consultation with a representative near you. We’ll test your air quality, disinfect your space (commercial or residential), and leave you with our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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