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For many people, the thought of a mold removal service in their home brings up images of demolition, long waits, and an excessive amount of stress and anxiety. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Here at Mold Zero, we use a patented dry fog technology to destroy and remove mold faster, easier, and without lasting damage. Discover these and other advantages with our guide to the main benefits of home dry fog sanitization.

How Dry Fog Technology Works

The dry fogging process has two steps: InstaPURE and EverPURE. The InstaPURE sterilant identifies and destroys mold throughout the entirety of the building.

Next, the EverPURE application disinfects the building and helps protect it from future mold growth.

These steps are efficient, noninvasive, and address the problem throughout the entire building, producing the following main benefits of dry fog sanitization in the home.

More Efficient

Dry fog works quickly. It spreads throughout the home and destroys mold and bacteria over the course of just a few hours. It also leaves little trace, meaning that no one has to take the time to clean off any residue once the process is done. This means that our mold removal specialists can be in and out of your home quickly, letting you get back to your normal, healthy life as soon as possible.

More Effective

The dry fogging process spreads the InstaPURE sterilant throughout the entire house—including commonly skipped areas. This makes dry fog mold remediation far more effective than other forms of mold removal. The process destroys even the smallest mold spores, guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for everyone inside the building. Additionally, the EverPURE application continues to protect your building by preventing mold growth.

Does Dry Fogging Replace the Need for Demolition?

Demolition is necessary when the growth of mold—especially toxic mold—becomes so severe that the materials of the building can’t be salvaged. Because the dry fog can target hard-to-reach areas, it can help avoid the need for demolition or destruction. However, it’s important to remember that demolition might still be necessary in severe cases.

Mold Zero is home to the masters of the dry fog technology. We can help rid your home or business of mold quickly, effectively, and with the least amount of hassle.

Have you ever wondered whether you might be witnessing a case of sick building syndrome? You might not feel so good when you are exposed to the place where you work for long periods of time.

A Yale biophysicist first coined “sick building syndrome” in a Swedish medical publication in 1984.

Office workers around the world are exposed to air that is circulated in their buildings, from office to office, floor to floor. It would make sense that germs and mold are spread, inhaled and have ability to make humans ill.

Why take the chance? Here’s what you can do to make your workers feel at ease and potentially even decrease the amount of staff that take sick leave.

  1. Call Mold Zero on 1-727-900-7202 or contact us via our website.
  2. Book Mold Zero to come in and clean the building air with our specialized “dry fog technology. Its quick, easy and simple – we’ll make it happen.
  3. Once the building has been serviced by Mold Zero, we’ll provide lab reports based on the quality of the building air.
  4. Feel relieved that our service is doctor approved and guaranteed for up to 1 year.
  5. Have a healthier building

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