clearwater mold removal

In Palm Harbor Mold Removal is an essential thing to know about, because mold problems are something that you are likely to experience at some point in your residency. Mold isn’t something that appears as a freak occurrence, it is instead something that is ever-present at some kind of level. It becomes a problem when those levels alter to a point where the mold spores, and some of the by-products that are generated in their life cycle start to impact both the structural integrity of your house and your own health.

If you live in Florida you know how humid it can get, and you have probably seen how rapidly some things can grow in that environment – mold is one such thing. Mold thrives in the humidity that is a feature of daily life in this sub-tropical climate.

If you can keep your humidity indoors below 45% you are going to have less problems with this kind of thing, but occasionally that isn’t possible. If you suffer from flooding or problems with your Air Conditioning, it can provide a significant enough change that the sporulation of the mold goes into over-drive, and suddenly you have a mold problem.

Is your place well ventilated? Is it well insulated? There are a number of contributing factors that lead to you having a mold problem.

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Thankfully there is a solution to your problem, and it is more effective than the older methods which have been favored for treating mold in the past. Not only were you paying for the removal of the mold with these other methods, you were also forced to pay for the structural repairs that would need to be carried out afterwards because of the destruction of affected areas.

Mold Zero uses a patented technique that goes by the cool sounding name of Instapure dry fog technology. What it does is as cool as the name – it is eco-friendly, demolition free, and the dry fog agent penetrates all the nooks and crannies. What used to be a painstaking and time consuming process can now return, in a couple of hours, an infested home into a safe place.

To make sure the problem doesn’t return we then treat the space with a process called Everpure that provides all the surfaces in your home with a microbiological barrier to prevent future mold growth.

You want to be sure that the treatment used on your space is effective, and that you aren’t going to have to redo the action again a few months down the line. Mold Zero’s technology makes that possible. If you have any questions about how Mold Zero can help you to return your house to being a safe environment to love in please call us today.

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