Mold Remediation in Tampa

Mold is a quiet, unwanted guest that often leaves homeowners displaced from their home with expensive repairs to complete. Mold Zero eases the stress for homeowners and businesses in need of mold remediation in Tampa Bay through cost-effective, fast services.

Reasons to Choose Mold Zero for Remediation Services in Tampa


The most common recommendations for mold remediation in Tampa usually include—at minimum—invasive chemicals. In severe or complex cases, partial demolition may be necessary. This can be expensive and time-consuming. At Mold Zero, we use innovative dry-fog technology to provide non-invasive services that perform better than the alternative options. Due to our non-invasive, one-time service, we’re able to provide our services at an affordable rate.


There’s no need to break the bank for the most effective service. Our mold removal services eliminate all traces of mold spores in the air, on surfaces, and in every nook and cranny. In addition, we guarantee ninety days of protection against mold growth after performing our non-toxic procedure.


Mold remediation in Tampa is our specialty. Experts perform all our services and arrive fully equipped with the tools they need. Plus, they receive extensive training in our dry-fog technology procedures. When dealing with mold, it is crucial to have it effectively eradicated to prevent illness and harm to your home. Put your trust in the professionals at Mold Zero for reliable, fast remediation services.

Additional Services

Air Quality Testing

Poor air quality can lead to numerous ailments—including a more compromised immune system to colds and illness—yet can often be hard to pinpoint. At Mold Zero, we have years of experience walking our clients through air quality testing services and successful treatment in Tampa Bay.

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Pathogen Removal

The use of our dry-fog technology extends beyond mold remediation to pathogen removal. If you’re looking to disinfect and protect your home, business, or other facilities in Tampa Bay against the season cold and flu, get in touch with Mold Zero.