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For Mold Removal, Clearwater has the best solution in Mold Zero.

You haven’t been feeling great, and you aren’t sure why – your breathing has been a little funny, and you have a rash. No one has been able to work out what is happening. At the same time there has been a spread of mold across the walls and surfaces of the room you spend most of your day in, and when the air conditioning kicks in, you start to feel worse.

You haven’t made the connection quite yet, but when you handle the presence of the mold, even temporarily, your symptoms lessen. The people you have used and the solutions you have bought from the store don’t quite seem to cut it though, in terms of handling the problem resolutely.

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Mold Zero, with their patented dry fog technology can come in and, in a relatively short amount of time, handle the mold. It kills the spores and enters into all the places where the mold may have started to grow, in a way that traditional methods, that are more heavily reliant on tear-out of the affected areas, can do. The second part of the process puts in place a barrier that then prevents the bacteria and the spores from getting a foothold again, and this is how we can guarantee the success of the mold removal.

You will be surprised by, not just how great the affected area looks, but by how much better you feel after the mold is gone.

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