mold remediation

We want people to know in Tarpon Springs that mold removal can be totally handled when you call Mold Zero. If you are looking to get rid of the problematic mold situation in your home or office, and make it so that it doesn’t come back, we have the solution that you have been looking for.

We love hearing the wins from our clients when the mold is gone, and that their home not only looks better, but is a healthier environment for them to live in. It is no small thing to remove something that has been making someone ill, perhaps for a long time before it was noticed, or before the connection was made. The change doesn’t take that long to be felt.

Are You In Tarpon Springs With A Mold Problem?


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We are passionate about making sure that everyone has clean air that is mold free wherever they have to live or work. We take on jobs of all sizes – from homes to entire buildings. No matter how bad the mold problem, we know that we can handle it with our patented dry fog technology.

Mold Zero services Tarpon Springs and all of Pinellas County, so if you have a mold problem, please call us and schedule appointment. Join the long list of happy clients who are healthy and mold free. We are ready to help you rid yourself of that mold issue.

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