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Don’t Let Mold Put Your Family’s Health in Danger

This is the story of how dry fog technology helped us.

For eight years, my wife had been fighting off sickness after sickness. Every time we thought the doctors treated the root cause, she got sick again. Finally, after years of frustration going from doctor to doctor, one practitioner identified the problem—there was inhaled mold and fungus in her blood.

For decades now, we’ve been living in an older property in Glendale. Like most older homes, ours had experienced leaks in the plumbing and the roof over the years. We thought by fixing the leaks all our problems were solved, but little did we know behind our walls we had mold.

And it was making my wife seriously ill.

After this realization, we worked endlessly to find a cost effective solution, but found out that most mold elimination companies either perform costly demolition or use highly toxic chemicals, and none of them guaranteed the mold spores would be completely eradicated. The reality was sinking in that we would have to sell our house, and even then our resale value would be slashed due to the expense of this mold infestation. 

But after tireless searching, and almost giving up, we stumbled upon something called dry fog technology. It was designed by a mold elimination company in Utah as an EPA approved and totally non-toxic mold elimination process that requires no demolition and removes any bacteria and viruses as well. After having the inexpensive treatment done on our house, we experienced immediate results. My wife is now healthy and all the lab reports show that our house is mold free!

We were so impressed with the results that we decided to bring the technology to California, and hence, Mold Zero was born! Mold Zero is now up and running, providing this fantastic process for homes and businesses in the Southern California area. We are the only mold elimination company that uses this patented dry fog technology, which is 100% effective, EPA approved, and costs only about $1.00 a square foot for a home.

So if you’ve experienced any sort of household leaks or prolonged health issues, contact us today for your free consultation. We’ll send our experts out to you and get your house mold free! Don’t let mold put you and your family in danger. Learn from us, the mold removal experts!

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