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VIDEO: From the "Moldy" Documentary by Dave Asprey

The first situation which starts the process of mold developing in a home or commercial space are wet or damp conditions. This can come from water leaks, constricted air flow, air conditioning and condensation or even poor construction.

One issue which mold presents to home owners and other property owners is that the removal can sometimes require a very detailed procedure, that if not followed, will result in mold agitation and future mold issue and property damage.

Air quality test or swab samples are the best methods to determine if there is a mold problem especially when there isn’t an obvious conclusion. Containment of an area with a known mold contamination is a standard action and highly recommended.  Cross contamination is almost inevitable but a proper containment helps to reduce the spread. Mold Zero uses a whole home approach to mold  remediation for this exact reason, cross contamination will occur simply due to air flow in a home.

Mold growth can be obvious and out in the open, however more often then not it isn’t visible. When there is mold in the environment, mold spores (and the toxins they release) are spread though the air and this contaminates the furniture, cloths and all belongings in that space. Anyone living or working in the space gets exposed to the toxins that are there and this can produce systemic body positioning from the mold toxins. This can bring about mild to severe sickness in individuals. Once the body is weakened by these toxins, mold can directly start to effect other organs in the body which continues to make a person feel worse and worse. When this is occurring in a home, a person feeling ill tends to want to stay at home, and so continues the cycle of feeling worse and worse in the moldy environment. Being microscopic, and unseen, it is common for a situation like this to go unnoticed. Many doctors here in Florida have recommended a whole home treatment for mold when their patients continue to exhibit flu like symptoms even after the administration of physical treatments.

We are not doctors and cannot say whether or not certain conditions you may be experiencing is are due to mold a problem. However, what we can say is that if you have a mold problem, no problem, we know mold!


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