Mold Remediation in Port Charlotte, FL

Ensure the safety of your home or office by leaving mold removal and surface and air disinfecting to the expert. At Mold Zero, we offer years of experience and industry-leading technology to every client. Our team for mold remediation in Port Charlotte, FL, will treat your space as if it was our own home—giving you the assurance that we keep the long-term safety of your residence in mind with every service we provide.

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Services Provided by Mold Zero to Port Charlotte Residence 

What Process Does Mold Zero Use for Odor, Pathogen, and Mold Remediation?

We use nothing but the best procedures and practices for all Port Charlotte mold remediation services. For mold, odor, and pathogen removal, we use dry fog technology. This technology allows us to effectively remove mold spores and bacteria from visible and hidden areas of your home or business. The dry fog gets into every nook and cranny of your space to trap and eliminate all contaminants. This process is unique in that after the two fogging stages are complete, there is little to no trace left behind—no droplet stains nor funky lingering odor.