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What to Do if You Have Mold Growth

Have you thought about mold growth? So you finally have the home of your dreams. Stainless steel appliances fill the kitchen, new marble floors line the bathroom, the paint swatches are gone and the walls are brimming with color. But behind it all, something is growing that could turn your dream home into a nightmare—mold. We […]

Call Mold Zero if You Have Mold Problems

You have mold problems. You’re on a mission to hunt down any and all mold that’s infesting your home. So it’s time to get a hammer and rip open those walls, right? Wrong! Mold Zero revolutionizes the way mold remediation gets done. Our patented technology allows for stress free mold removal in your home. Forget old remediation methods that […]

Health Issues Linked to Effects Of Mold

There are many health issues linked to effects of mold. Mold isn’t just gross—it’s dangerous for your health. Molds produce irritating substances that may act as allergens in sensitive individuals. There are some molds that produce toxic substances known as mycotoxins. The presence of mold, even a mold that is capable of producing toxins, does not always […]