Whether it’s caused by weather, bad pipes or appliances, or overflowing bath or kitchen faucets, water damage restoration can quickly become an expensive and devastating problem. For residences and businesses in the Tampa Bay area, our professional water damage mitigation services provide fast detection and solutions to help clean and repair your space.

Immediate Steps to Take

Before we inspect your damaged space, there are two important steps you should take to guarantee your safety. First, if there is visible standing water in the room, immediately disconnect electricity from effected areas. If you suspect your home’s internal water system caused the water damage, turn off the water supply to your home to stop further water from coming in. After cutting off electricity and water, call in an expert. Delaying professional water damage mitigation services could lead to dangerous levels of structural damage and bacteria growth in your home or business. At Mold Zero, we respond to emergency and suspected water or flood cleanup scenarios quickly to make sure as little damage is done to your space as possible.

In the meantime, some ways to prevent further damage from occurring include:

Water Damager Restoration

Flood Zero offers affordable, high-quality water damage restoration services conducted by professionals who care about your property. From the initial inspection to the final touch-up of paint, our full-service approach saves you time and money while providing you with a fresh start.

Our experience in the industry has helped us to understand the needs of our customers. Keeping you feeling safe, comforted, and cared for are our main concerns. Our headquarters are located in Clearwater, FL so we’re super familiar with the Tampa Bay area. We offer customers assistance on every aspect of the restoration process. Our experts assess the damage, decide what repairs need to be made, and handle all work procedures until your home looks new again. Since our staff coordinates all aspects of the restoration process, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

Water Damage
  • 60-minute response time
  • Available 24/7
  • Free water damage estimate
  • Leak detection & repair
  • Complete water extraction, drying & dehumidifying
  • Emergency plumbing repairs
  • Mold remediation
  • Odor removal
  • Complete home restoration
  • Free insurance consultation

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